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A sequence of frames giving the illusion of motion is Animation". Animation has progressed a ton from traditional methods to todays' digital animation along with a number of techniques in between. Animation is popular in two forms 2d and 3d animation. 2D animation is the art of moving still two-dimensional pictures/images thus giving the illusion of motion. A 2D animation image pretends to move in two-dimensional environment. A cartoon such as Tom & Jerry is a legendary example of 2d animation that has held the curiosity of young and adults alive for decades. Riaan Infoedge is one of the best serivces provider 3d , 2D Animation Company in Pitampura, Delhi.

3D animation is used where the depth of the object matters! 3D includes the z-axis along with x and y-axis. Character modelling or designing of any environment in parallel width to its depth to give it a more realistic look is 3D modelling and the respective animation for that is 3D animation. This is again a major hit in the market, though a little costly but the effects are to be seen to be

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